Toyota recovers 2.4 million hybrid vehicles due to stagnation of the problem

Toyota announced the recall of 2.43 million hybrid vehicles in Japan and other areas.

The company said Friday, rarely, the vehicle could enter a “failsafe” driving mode, lost power and can not stop. Power steering and brakes will continue to function, but clogging at fast speeds can increase the risk of crashing.

This recall will be applied to the part of Toyota Prius and Auris Hybrid, which took place between October 2008 and November 2014. This vehicle participated in a previous recall that did not solve the unexpected problems that we are facing now.

Toyota announced that it will update the vehicle software to solve the problem free of charge.

This recall corresponds to 1.25 million in Japan, 807,000 in the US, 290 thousand in Europe and 3,000 in China.

Toyota received three reports in Japan on this issue at the end of September and reported it to the Ministry of Transportation. They had no accident.

He did not comment on cases outside of Japan and stated that it is difficult to ascertain the actual case.

This recall is aimed at addressing situations where failure of certain components, together with a strong acceleration, may result in loss of power to the vehicle, rather than going into fail-safe operation mode.

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