20 people died in a “horrible” limousine crash in New York State

According to the New York State Police Department, two of the victims were pedestrians.

Robert Swart, president of the National Traffic Safety Committee investigating the accident, said, “Twenty dead are terrible.

“This is the most deadly traffic accident in this country since February 2009,” Sumwalt points out the Buffalo Colgan Air accident that killed 50 people

According to the New York State Police Department, all victims were adults. They have not been identified because the police still inform the relatives of the victims.

Valery Abeling who says her niece and her husband were in a limo said that he is heading for a birthday party. She said her niece Erin Vertucci (34 years old) and Shane McGowan (30 years old) were a newlywed.

Abeling said they invited their daughter to attend a birthday celebration, but it was not the case.

“Our life has changed forever,” he told the Associated Press.

Barbara Douglas told ABC News told that he lost his family and said he was a surprise birthday party for her youngest niece.

“He had four niece, they were all dead, they were there,” he said.

Employees of the school district of Greater Amsterdam have also been killed. In a statement, the district said that he retained the person ‘s name until being notified by the family.

The accident occurred just before 2 p.m. On Saturday, police said at the intersection of Route 30 and National Highway 30 A.

Mr. Chris Fiore, Deputy Governor of the New York State Police Department said the limousine in the southwest of National Route 30 did not stop at the intersection. The speed limit of the road is 50 mph, but I was not immediately sure how fast it was traveling.

The limousine crossed the intersection and collided with Highlander parked in the Apple Barrel Country Store and the parking lot of the cafe.

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