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Today’s time is running very fast and we did not even know how the second month of 2018 went so fast. We got some new information every day in 2017 and it is still happening with us that we get information about new phones, so any new tariff plans …

First of all, running a computer was a big thing in itself, and if there was a computer in the house then it would be called a huge galaxy. There is no such difference as today’s homes have become home computers and laptops. In the first round, computers used to come in large screens such as TV, but you come in the LED screen and in less space the laptop has its own separate point.

On the other hand, the technology that we have advanced today, we have become disappointing, because on the first day, some occasions come from such incidents that we can face many problems … like the file is safe, it became very important. Because it has become very important it prevents data from being stolen and due to which it is easy for us to lock the word in a very simple way. Calling …

Password on any word files can be like: –

You and we all work on Microsoft Word, but we still do not know many things and its tricks, what happens to do this .. In this way, there is an option hidden in it, you can lock the documents …

First of all, open the file that you want to keep safe.
After this you click on the icon to the left of Microsoft Word

After this you have to go to the preparation options.

To get there, you have to click on the encrypted document

After this, a box will open, enter a password in it and it’s okay. But remember that this password is never recoverable, so type this password and keep typing it

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