Android Phone Heating Problem – Fix & Solution

Why Is My Phone Overheating So Quickly


Android phone heat. Why Android Phones can be heat We all use Android mobile but sometimes it happens that Android mobile is heat when we use call, games, internet, chatting, video all these. Sometimes the mobile gets heat even at the time of charging …. Why is this happening, what is the reason, and how can you save your mobile from being heat, so that you can get mobile safely and fast. For this you have to adopt some rules which I am going to tell about.

Android phone heat

1: – Uninstall unnecessary app

First of all, uninstall the idle app from your Android phone.

The app you do not use is either an app that is not of any use for you. Uninstall any such application from your mobile which you do not use anymore. So your mobile’s RAM and mobile speed will also increase and you can easily run your mobile

Note :- Next time you install the App, you know whether this app is your job or not. Only then install.

2: – Cached Data Clean

Whenever we use the internet, at that time your mobile phone comes in some extravagant things in your mobile. And some of your video social network fills you with cached For this you clear the cached file. So that your mobile can get some space And your android mobile can run fast.


How To Watch TV In Mobile Information Of Online TV Apps


how to play dual android apps in a mobile


3: – Video Delete

Why should you be thinking the video? Why whenever we keep any video in our mobile, whatever place we have in our mobile, it is filled slowly. And one day it happens that our mobile does not have a place and the mobile also starts getting hot.
so you have at least one video in your mobile, at least MB video that will keep some space in your mobile and you Increase the speed of mobile.

4: – Antivirus

Android phone heat.    To keep mobile safe and fast, you should use the antivirus in your mobile. And do not ever use 2 antivirus apps in your mobile. Sometimes this antivirus app starts reducing the virus in the mobile. For this reason, you should use only one antivirus app at any time.

Top Antivirus For Android

  • (A) mcafee antivirus
  • (B) avasti antivirus
  • (C) AVG antivirus

5- GPS

We go to the place to see the location. By which the GPS turns on. And this puts a lot of load on the GPS mobile. One reason may be that even your Android phone gets heat due to this. So keep your Android mobile GPS off.
The advantage of this will be that your Android phone will be fast and your Android phone speed will also increase.


7- Android Mobile Off

Android phone heat. Have you ever wondered how many days or hours your mobile is on? No. I am telling you a tip that you should switch off your android mobile at least once in 24 hours. For 30 minutes so that the processor, RAM, file etc.
in your mobile can get all the rest once. So that they could work properly As every person needs rest, mobile needs rest as well.
If you do this work then your mobile speed increases and the mobile also prevents you from Android phon heating.

If this information has usefully to you, then you can tell us in the comment box. Thank you.

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