Makeup of a mythic mermaid is a pure Halloween magic: how to get a look

pMake-up artist and YouTuber Queenii Rozenblad showed how to create a version of aquatic life in “Good Morning America”.

Cover the eyebrows on a concealer base as much as possible and make up with powder. Use a concealer brush to cover where you can still see.

Please prepare your eyelids with eye shadow primer to ensure that your shadow is maintained during your Halloween party.

Queenii uses L.A. GIRL HD Pro Primer eye shadow stick naked.

Thanks to Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper and fans are surprised screening for “A Star Is Born”


Next, use a brown pencil to draw eye wrinkles. Apply smoke eye shadow to the fold and blend.

Use black shadows to cross the fold, make it clearer and make it a bit darker. Return to the eyelids and mix the primers.

Next, put the shade of white snow inside the eyelids. Please put golden dusty shadows on the outside of the lid.


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