Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper “Star star was born”

If the first impression is everything, Lady Gaga said that he quickly knows the role of Bradley Cooper singer impresses viewers in the movie “A Star Is Born.”

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“I was impressed,” a 32 – year – old music superstar told Michael Strahan, “Good Morning America” ​​host, when Cooper sang for the first time. “I was surprised at his voice as he was singing from his intestine.

Her personality is a singer, but when a young woman in New York City was about to become a star she said “completely different from myself”.

“When I started, I truly believed in myself,” Gaga said. “I was,” I am going to do this ”

“My friend called me Gaga,” Yes, I am Gaga “I started running,” Gaga remembered. “I dropped all the doors to play in all the clubs in New York City, I had something to say, I believed in myself that I wanted to say it, but this girl , Ally is tired of business.

Instead of remembering the first day of her career and finding the inspiration depicting Ally on the big screen, she said she returned to high school.

“I enjoyed having a big dream at high school.” “I enjoy singing songs, love with all musicals, wanting to be an actress, wanting to be a musician.”

She continued: “In the meantime, I was harassed and I am entertained with amusing her, that is what I drew.”

Gaga is already offering the emotional performance of Ally attracting Oscar. What is drawing attention is screen connection with Cooper who is a film director.

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